We are a youth organization with an ambition to bring positive changes, a belief in equal treatment for all and a dream to see the environment restored to its best.

Our Vision

Emerge as a leading organization for gender sensitization and serve as a catalyst for affirming gender-positive and healthy society where everyone accesses rights, resources, opportunities and protections with dignity, justice and equality.

Our Mission

Generate and deepen consciousness against gender stereotypes and dissemination of knowledge and awareness to promote gender sensitive decision making through:

  1. Advocacy for child and women right and gender equality
  2. Campaigning awareness programmes against toxic masculinity
  3. To inform and inspire collectives and youths for creative and productive movements for ensuring child and women rights.

Our Values

  1. Unity amongst differences
  2. Integrity of opinions
  3. Respect for diversity
  4. Drive to bring positive changes
  5. Responsibility to keep promises
  6. Leadership to common good
  7. Devotion towards free knowledge

We have been there for 13 years, being a positive catalyst for change

Towards a gender-neutral society
Through hand holding
Fecilitating right - based movements
For the environment

Our Executives

Sumit Bandyopadhyay
Honorary President
Dr. Debalina Sinha Roy

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Our resources are the people who spread our words. Be an active part of our endeavours and let us do the talking together.

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